Ride With Pride

January 23, 2018

        We are the Blue Knights..
Law Enforcment Motorcycle Club ENGLAND V Chapter!
(thats 5 translated from (Roman numerals). We cover the North West of England. We are not a gang or 1% of the Motorcycle community, we are the complete opposite.

Have a Motorbike?.Have or Had a power of arrest?. Then we may be the club for you!. We are part of a much bigger International Organisation who at present has over 20,000 members worldwide. As a member of our club we have regular meetings, organise local, national and Worldwide Rallies, raise money for charity, ride our bikes, socialise over a pint...or two and much, much more. We are always looking for new members, we mix with people of all shapes, colours, sizes, characters and ages. So if you think you have what it takes, you're interested in joining and to find out if we are the club for you then please send us an e-mail using the links on this site.

Ride with Pride
(Harry Shaw President England V)

Please feel free to contact us at:� mailto:secretary@blueknightsengland5.co.uk